The Last Man on Earth

(from an interactive exhibit shown at The Museum of Contemporary Art in LA)

(we hear a sucking noise) There goes my shoe.
(sucking noise) and my other shoe.
(sucking noise) My cat, Albert.
(meow) Oh.  Hang on there little fella.
(sucking noise) Sigh
(sucking noise) There goes my phone. Shit. I had a picture of Albert on there.
(sucking noise) My pants and my shirt. (sucking noise)
(sucking noise) My hat, underwear, my socks and my house  (sucking noise)
(sucking noise) Wife, kid, other kid, neighbor’s kid. (sucking noise) (sucking noise) (sucking noise)
LA. (sucking noise)
Thank god. And now, there’s just me. Naked, on the precipice.
An absolute suck is pulling me and I have nothing to hold onto, except for this tree. (sucking noise)
There goes my tree. (sucking noise)
And there goes me.

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